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The Future of Stobridge

Stobridge integrates evidence-based solutions for improved postsecondary outcomes for underrepresented students. 

Virtual Reality 

This mobile-based virtual reality integrates cutting edges tools to provide a new way to learn. Students and institutions are able to use mobile devices to interface with Google Virtual Reality Goggles for an immersive learning experience. Instructional technologist and educators co-design game-based learning environments to expose students to a metaverse of possibilities. 

Artificial Intelligence 

The use of artificial intelligence will aid counselors in providing a more effective and personalized assessment for students. This tools aims to support student assessments and identify at risk students.  This feature is used to help counselors with stretched workloads. It provides more insights into student postsecondary needs. 

Personalized Learning

Students engage with various modules on the platform to create a personalized plan for their postsecondary endeavors. Students and their families have control over their learnings. They move at their own pace, and self-direct their professional journey. 

Project-Based Learning

Students engage in real world projects to gain professional competencies in various fields. The projects integrate authentic content to provide meaningful experiences for students.  These projects are co-created with educators and professionals.

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