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About Stobridge 

College Friends

Our Vision

Our Mission

Social networking with a purpose.

A mentoring, career exploration, and development web platform for grade 9-12 students.

Our Purpose

  • Students: Will become confident in their abilities, have broader aspirations, & realize their potential.


  • Mentors: Will leverage their experience to make meaningful contributions to the development of the next generation of professionals.


  • Schools: Will have a tool that promotes meaningful, life-long student engagement.


  • Families: Will be comforted by the availability of a social networking tool that is both beneficial and safe to use for their children.


  • Post-Secondary Institutions: Student advising is made easier and more productive, leading to more efficient spending per pupil.


  • Workplace: Expedited recruitment & training processes.

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The Problem

A student’s community network —their reserve of social capital and ability to rely on that capital for support, advice, or opportunities—or lack of one, will ultimately impact their academic and professional success outcomes.


-Fisher, 2018


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