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About Stobridge 

Our Vision

To create a world where every individual, regardless of background, has equal access to opportunities for success in post-secondary education and beyond.

Our Mission

To empower students and families to navigate the post-secondary landscape, bridging the equity gap in access, exposure, social capital, and economic mobility. Together, we're building a more equitable society by increasing the chances of economic mobility for underrepresented students.

Our Purpose

  • Students: Will become confident in their abilities, have broader aspirations, & realize their potential.


  • Mentors: Will leverage their experience to make meaningful contributions to the development of the next generation of professionals.


  • Schools: Will have a tool that promotes meaningful, life-long student engagement.


  • Families: Will be comforted by the availability of a social networking tool that is both beneficial and safe to use for their children.


  • Post-Secondary Institutions: Student advising is made easier and more productive, leading to more efficient spending per pupil.

  • Workplace: Expedited recruitment & training processes.


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