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Why Stobridge

We aim to close the economic mobility and access gap for underserved students. 


Social Capital

Increasing student social capital through access to a larger and more diverse Mentor Network Community.

A student’s community network, or lack of for students at an access deficit, —their reserve of social capital and ability to rely on that capital for support, advice, or opportunities will ultimately impact the academic and professional success outcomes of the student


Exposes students to various professions based on a personalized student assessment plan that can be used to gain Certifications & Badges.

42% of students reported that they were their own main influence when thinking about careers, compared to 34% who reported that they were their own main influence when thinking about college education.

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Students with iPad

Social & Economic Mobility

Empowers students to navigate and access post-secondary pathways for increased earning potential through Professional Development.

Students from high-, middle-, and low-socioeconomic backgrounds reported family members and/or myself as their main influence for thinking about both education and careers (52%, 48%, 47%) respectively.

Evidence based research

Why students value Stobridge?

Our Clients

"I loved everything! It helped better prepare me for applying for scholarships!"

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New York, Ny

"It helped me reset my mindset to excel in college and beyond."

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Dallas, Tx

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